Glamee Flow Blueberry Blackcurrant Review

Glamee Flow Blueberry Blackcurrant Disposable Vape Device is compact, pocket-friendly and easy to carry. It has a huge 16ml pre-filled pod, powerful 2200mAh built-in battery, mesh coil and 22 tasty e-liquid flavors.

Its 5% nicotine salt provides you with an intense flavor intensity and a satisfying throat hit that ex-smokers crave. The large e-juice capacity means you can enjoy vaping for longer than with many other disposables.


Glamee Flow is one of the longest-lasting disposable vapes in the market. Its 4500 puffs-per-device capacity allows you to enjoy non-stop vaping sessions without worrying about refilling the device. Its 5% nicotine salt level provides a satisfying throat hit and delivers an intense flavor profile. The e-juice is available in a variety of 20flavors, so you can always find the right option to satisfy your craving. The price is also very reasonable, especially if you compare it to other top-rated disposables.


The Glamee Flow is a pre filled disposable pod system device that holds 16ml of your favorite e-liquid. It is compact, pocket friendly and easy to carry. It comes with a powerful built in 2200mAh battery that can provide you with 4500 puffs and is suitable for all vapers. Flow is the long lasting and most cost efficient disposable pod in our Glamee family. Choose from 21 amazing flavors and enjoy your vaping sessions with this long lasting portable device.