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Landscape Design San Diego

A well-designed landscape increases your home’s value and provides a tranquil escape for relaxing or entertaining. Finding a reliable, experienced landscape designer is essential.

Ask potential designers for references and request to see their work. Look for a designer who has experience with local regulations like zoning and permitting processes.

Site Assessment

Site Assessment is the process of gathering accurate and complete site data to determine if substances are present at concentrations above background levels, which may present a threat to human health, the environment or environmental values under a given land use. This site assessment may be required statutorily or voluntarily, but in either case the resulting document provides the foundation for corrective actions.

The UC San Diego campus is located in a historic grove of eucalyptus trees which have defined much of the landscape character on campus since its inception 50 years ago. The campus is committed to maintaining these cultural landscape resources and ensuring that any future land development and maintenance activities do not harm these resource areas.

During this phase, a team of landscape professionals conduct a thorough review of the site’s existing conditions, including, but not limited to:

Geology: topography, watershed mapping and drainage patterns. Soils: soil chemistry, composition and infiltration rates. Existing vegetation: species, location and condition. Living systems: habitat structure and function, riparian corridors and wetlands, water conservation potential. Boundaries: physical, administrative and natural. Energy and community: if applicable.

Using GIS software and the 2015 San Diego County Land Use digital map layer, an estimate of the acreage in each of the zoning categories is calculated (i.e., if an urban area covers five acres on a 5-acre parcel, it is considered 50% urban). A reevaluation of the acreage will be conducted in 2021 as part of SANDAG’s Conserved Lands program to ensure that a proper amount of land remains conserved. If significant acreage is found to be undeveloped, a Level 1 – Environmental Site Assessment will be required.

Plant Selection

The plant selection phase begins by identifying the types of plants to include in the landscape. Choosing the right mix of deciduous and evergreen plants, fragrant and non-fragrant, tall and short helps create a natural melody in your yard. A well-trained, experienced landscape designer will take into account the site environmental conditions and match them to each plant’s cultural requirements to ensure that they will thrive at your home’s location.

Your lifestyle also plays a key role in what type of landscaping will work best for you and your family. For example, do you want to use your yard for relaxing, entertaining or both? Considering your lifestyle helps manage expectations and guide constructive decisions during the design process.

Many people make the mistake of attempting to “do it themselves” by finding the cheapest landscaping materials or hiring the first designer that shows up on their doorstep. These DIY landscapers often end up with a yard that is poorly designed and unattractive to the eye.

Professional landscaping is an investment in your property that enhances the curb appeal of your home, increases its value and provides a space where you can relax and enjoy nature. A qualified San Diego landscape architect will understand your geographic region and select plants that flourish in your specific area. They will also provide designs for walkways, patios, water features, fences and garden aspects. Some landscape designers specialize in planning only, while others offer a “design-build” service and oversee contractors for each project.

It is also important to consider whether your prospective landscaper has the proper certifications and education to produce a quality landscape. Some landscape designers have a strong academic background in horticulture and are knowledgeable of the latest in Landscape Design San Diego trends. It’s also essential to choose a landscaping company that shares your values and supports a sustainable environment.

Lighting Design

Landscape lighting allows you to extend your outdoor living space into the evening, creating a warm, inviting ambience. It also increases the safety of your property and can make it more enjoyable for you and your guests after dark. Our designers can help you choose the right wattage for your space, providing a balanced lighting effect without overpowering the landscape elements.

Our design team, led by Tiger Palafox, brings a strong artistic sensibility to the process, utilizing his innate artistry and years of experience in visualizing your ideal landscape outcome before a single line is drawn. His ability to connect with clients and understand their aspirations results in a landscape design that is truly bespoke.

FX Luminaire was founded by Joshua Beadle, a landscape contractor who was dissatisfied with the quality of available landscape lighting products. He knew he could improve on the offerings in the market, and began designing his own fixtures. He soon found that his creations were not only more durable than the existing landscape lighting products on the market, but they offered superior performance and a wide range of features that contractors desired.

Find a San Diego, CA landscape architect or designer on Houzz. Narrow your search in the Professionals section of the website to landscape architects and designers in San Diego, CA and browse photos of their work. You can also learn more about the landscape professionals in your area by reading their profiles. Once you’ve found a landscape professional whose work you admire, contact them to discuss your project.


Landscape construction involves the installation of hardscapes and plantings, as well as maintenance activities. During this phase, landscape architects work closely with contractors to develop plans and specifications for projects. They may also help to select materials and plants, and coordinate with other professionals like engineers and architects. They can also create models and drawings to illustrate their designs and ideas. Some landscape architects specialize in a specific area, such as beautifying or otherwise improving streets and highways, waterfronts, parks and playgrounds, or shopping centers. They can also work in environmental remediation, preserving and restoring historic landscapes, or developing sites for new developments.

Residential landscapes are the most common area in which landscape architects work. They create beautiful, yet functional outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed by homeowners and their guests. They can include gardens, patios, decks, retaining walls, water features and outdoor lighting.

Each landscaping project begins with a free consultation, where the client shares their vision and the landscape architect makes suggestions based on experience. The landscape architect will then design the front or back yard to fit the client’s needs, climate and lifestyle. He will also prepare a cost estimate and timeline for the project.

The County has adopted the State’s model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance, which requires all new and existing landscaping to be designed water-efficiently. Homeowners with landscapes of 2,500 square feet or more need to apply for an outdoor water use permit and those with smaller landscaping projects can utilize the County’s Prescriptive Compliance Option.

Whether you are looking to transform your current landscape, add curb appeal, or increase the overall value of your property, a professional San Diego landscape designer can help you get the job done right. To find a local landscape architect, search for one in the Professionals section of Houzz or browse photos on our website.


A landscape designer has both aesthetic and technical training to help maximize the potential of your home’s outdoor spaces. They typically work within your geographic region to design a yard that’s in harmony with the weather and plants, trees and flowers that thrive there. They’ll also consider any grading changes or soil conditions that need to be addressed. The planning phase may include conceptual designs for walkways, patios, fences and garden aspects along with any water features or structures that you’d like to add to your property. Some landscape designers will simply create a plan and then oversee a hired landscaping contractor, while others will take on the project from start to finish.

Whether your dream garden is inspired by the romance of the Mediterranean or the bold lines of a Mission-style courtyard, Sage’s landscape designers are skilled at creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. Their designs can be as simple or as complex as you desire, and they are always thoughtfully tied to the style of your home. They can provide a two-hour garden consultation, an expedited landscape plan, or a complete master landscape plan.

In addition to implementing completely new gardens, they can also renovate existing ones, adding simple accents such as a new water feature or flagstone walkway. Their goal is to bring beauty and comfort to everyday life with a well-designed landscape that requires minimal maintenance.

Their expertise is in xeriscape landscapes, edible gardens, native plantings and sustainable designs. They use low-maintenance plants, natural flowing flagstone pathways and water features to make your garden come alive. They’re also experienced in tree pruning and the installation of water-wise and drought tolerant landscapes.